some people are spam accounts in your actual life;
one day they will pop up,SPAM
promising all sorts ofSPAM opportunity & excitement.

their personalities; cannedSPAM
their cheap-o trust; faulty
eat them up; mmSPAM; tastes salty.

sameSPAM as ever; vanishing
ever the same; vanishing
SPAMjust in differentSPAM packaging.

you will try toSPAM delete them,
but they will keep showing up.SPAM
you can try and filter them out,
unsubscribe to their company,
but oneSPAM or two alwaysSPAM manage
toSP slipAM through the web.

the only way toSPAM avoid this
isSPAM to SP100%AM unplug
from everySPAMone & everySPAMthing.

instead,SPAM stay SPhungry;AM & be sure to bringSPAM
forks SP&AM knives; SPAMseasoning; a niceSPAM outfit
and prepareSPAM toSPAM grit yourSPAM teeth
& smile
& feast
on a metric ton ofSPAM shit.